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Ben Reed - Structural Integration + Anat
Ben Reed ATSI


Following a BSc in Biology at the University of Exeter my interests and back pain led me to bodywork.  I obtained a diploma in Holistic Massage from the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork in 2004.  I have had extensive training in Traditional Thai Massage at the TMC and ITM massage schools in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand where I studied in 2008 and 2012.  In 2013 I came across Tom Myers and his Anatomy Trains map of myofascial meridians which inspired me to learn more about Structural Integration and his "anatomy of connection".  I completed my Anatomy Trains Structural Integration training in early 2016 and am now a teaching assistant for Anatomy Trains UK.  The following year after seeing Gary Ward on the BBC1 series Dr in the House I completed the Anatomy in Motion finding centre course in July 2017.


I offer a unique approach to helping people move back to a more effortless way of being.  A process of exploration that can facilitate profound changes in our sense of self and our relationship to the ground beneath our feet.  


Structural Integration, using hands on bodywork and movement education, looks to bring awareness to how we embody ourselves.  This awareness can provide an opportunity to move to a more resilient, adaptable, authentic and enjoyable sense of self.


A fundamental part of my approach is a movement orientated education system called Anatomy in Motion. Anatomy in Motion provides an unparalleled map of human movement in walking.  Showing the body how to access movements and relationships that it is missing gives it the opportunity to assume a more effortless, vital and pain free state.


Working together we may help to bring you back into a more functionally integrated whole. By safely restoring lost movement patterns, increasing proprioceptive awareness and sensorimotor coordination we may help lower any perception of danger or fear of movement you may have. These can be important factors in reducing your experience of pain.


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