Lee Roethenbaugh

Integrative Psychotherapist
Lee Roethenbaugh MA Dip HIP UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

About me


Welcome. I am an experienced UKCP registered Psychotherapist offering psychotherapy and counselling to individuals and groups . I offer sessions for individuals on both a long and short term basis depending on what is needed.


How can therapy help ?


Sometimes things build up and stop us enjoying our lives. You might feel overwhelmed, angry, anxious, detached or simply unable to deal with things in life. Most people experience some kind of emotional difficulties at some point in their life. Sometimes, however, suffering can become intense or prolonged. You may find yourself repeating old patterns or acting in ways that sabotage your best intentions: life may lack meaning or seem unfair or you may feel stuck, anxious and unable to release yourself from troubling emotions.


Psychotherapy offers a safe space in which to explore our lives. It can answer our natural, human need to be heard and deeply understood. The experience of feeling truly 'met' by another person can bring change and clarity where healing can occur. It is a facilitating space in which to explore whatever is troubling you. By exploring ideas together and being curious about the way we behave and what lays behind it, the process of good psychotherapy can help you to deal with emotional or psychological problems and live a more satisfying and fulfilling life. I believe that when we understand more about ourselves and what motivates us, we have greater choice and freedom in our lives.


Exploration and awareness can be very gentle and slow, or at times more challenging. This works best when accompanied by a compassionate and supportive individual, prepared to get alongside you in whatever dilemmas life is bringing up. It is a healing relationship out of which insight, compassion, new possibilities and connection to others emerges. An initial session gives us the space to talk about what brings you to therapy. This meeting would give you a sense of how I work, and to explore how we would work together. My intention is then to build upon a collaborative and transformative relationship that will enable you to grow in a way that suits you. 


Initial session fee £25. Thereafter £45 


To book an initial session and discuss how therapy could work for you:

Please call 07834467330

Contact me via email

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