Lucy Pearman

Trigger Point Therapist
Lucy Pearman 


After a career in the music industry I trained as a massage therapist, qualifying with an ITEC Massage Therapy Certification in 2001. After relocation to Switzerland in 2008 I followed a course in Sports Massage with the Ecole de Massage SWISS and developed an interest at this time in Trigger Point Therapy.

Researching the treatment led me to the study of the William Huhn Method of Trigger Point Therapy, based on the seminal works of Travell and Simons. The Introductory and Level 1 Certification were completed in Mougins, France in 2012; the Advanced Level 2 with William Huhn in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island in May 2014. In April 2016 a return to Canada resulted in certification as Approved Educator in Trigger Point Therapy.

Ten years in Switzerland gave me the opportunity to build up a thriving practice of clients, treatment based on the WH Method (see above).  I return regularly to treat my long-standing patients which is perhaps proof of the efficacy of the treatment. I work with passion and dedication to each individual client - those ranging from children to the elderly, the athletic to the more sedentary.  I also return to Canada annually to revise and discuss new techniques with my mentor, William Huhn.

So what is Trigger Point Therapy?


A Trigger Point is defined as a "highly irritable localized spot of exquisite tenderness in a nodule in a palpable taut band of muscle tissue." In layman’s terms, this is a knot within the muscle tissue that can and may refer pain elsewhere.  For those with active trigger points this can mean muscle pain such as headaches (originating from knots in the upper back and neck muscles), backache (originating from knots in the buttocks / abs)  ankle pain (originating from the calf muscles) and so on. Symptoms often quickly labelled tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica etc can all be caused by active trigger points situated in other parts of the body.


Trigger Points can also be the underlying cause of many autonomic symptoms ie heartburn, bladder problems, dysmenorrhea and infant colic.


Trigger Point Therapy aims to alleviate symptoms by treating the Trigger Points causal to the symptom, most often manifested as pain. It is not just about treatment but understanding the client and their lifestyle and educating them on ways to reduce or eliminate any perpetuating factors that are contributing to their pain or discomfort.  Treatment is carried out on a massage table either through clothing or directly on skin, the client’s comfort being of prime importance. 


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Having recently relocated back to the UK, I have set up practice near Bath, Somerset to include the Frome Therapy Rooms. My own personal love of sport and the outside life leads me to being highly committed to helping anyone whose own life appears on hold due to injury or chronic pain.


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