Marie Palmer

Shiatsu Therapist
Marie Palmer Dip. Shiatsu, MRSS


I completed my Diploma in Shiatsu with the Bristol School of Shiatsu in 2015 and continue to develop my practice by assisting on the current diploma course in Bristol and postgraduate work with Keith Phillips and Suzanne Yates.


I have a passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Touch and Transformational Dialogue so my Shiatsu is very much a blend of working with these aspects as they show up in the here and now. 


In my experience Shiatsu is deeply nourishing, it meets the body exactly where its at, allowing an integration of the body, mind and spirit bringing healing. In it's simplest terms it connects us to the wisdom of our bodies. 


To book an appointment with Marie or for further information:

Text me on  07590 694027 

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