Nicola Smith

Zero Balancing, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Pre & Post-natal Bodywork
Nicola Smith CTHA, ZBAUK


With over 20 years experience working in the field of mindful touch and movement, I offer an integrated, gentle and supportive approach to deep bodywork that meets your needs as a whole person. I work with clients of all ages and have particular interest in working with people who have disabilities or special needs and for supporting women through their journey into motherhood. All sessions are given through loose, comfortable clothing either on a massage table or futon on the floor.

In addition to my private practice I teach Slow Yoga classes, both public and 1-2-1 and am co-founder of Bodywisdom School UK which runs Mindful Massage workshops and Thai Massage training.


For appointments, fees and more information:

Call me on 07930 442639 

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Zero Balancing “ Subtle shifts of bone and energy flow, yielding powerful results”. Zero Balancing is a method of balancing body energy with body structure, using finger pressure working under the back of the body. Z.B touches and responds to the energy of bone, bringing about clarity and ease. Z.B helps you to locate the centre within. Z.B supports you to be where you are during times of profound change or stress. Z.B can be life-confirming and connects you to your inherent experience of wellness. (1 hour sessions).

TradItional Thai Yoga Massage is a transformational practice which has its roots in the traditions of Yoga and Buddhist practices of meditation. As practitioner, I use rhythmic rocking acupressure alongside applied passive stretching to facilitate a free flow of energy ( prana) throughout the system, supporting your body to detoxifying and release, enabling deep relaxation. Sessions can be structural and dynamic; relieving physical tension and imbalances, or more subtle; connecting with the deeper currents moving within us which respond to unconditional touch and attention. (A 90min or 2 hour session is recommended).

Nourishing the Mother, Pre and Post-natal Bodywork

Nourishing the Mother Bodywork is appropriate as soon as you feel ready. I offer women a comfortable and safe space to explore what it is that they need most during this unique time of emotional and physical change. Both Zero Balancing and Thai Massage are suitable during the different terms of your pregnancy, it is simply the approach and the touch which differs. Sometimes women are very clear what they want from a session, whether it be relief from inevitable physical demands of pregnancy, or about creating a time and space to relax and integrate the changes which are taking place during this transitional period. Or if you simply want to receive some touch, but are not sure what you need, please call for an informal chat about what approach would be best for you right now. My number is 07930 442639. Gift Vouchers are available. (90min session is recommended).

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