Nigel Williams

Massage Therapist
Nigel Williams BSc PGCE MTI


You know when you’ve had a good massage. Your body is heavy, your breathing is calm, your mind is empty and you feel you’re where you should be.

My massage goes deeper physically and psychologically because:

  • I listen and understand

  • I sense how you feel

  • I focus on what you need

  • I hold the pressure you need

  • I give your body time to respond


For me, each session is unique. Everyone is different and their body changes from one session to another. I have a range of techniques I can use, but I don’t know what will unfold during the course of a session. After ten years I still do things in treatments I’ve never done before – because it’s the right thing to do now.

I think it’s important to take the time to really engage with people. My massage is at its best when I best understand the individual and their needs.


I work with men and women of all body types.


To book an appointment with Nigel or for further information:

Call 07941 094318 


“I came to see Nigel because I instinctively knew that he would be the right person to work with. He is in tune with himself, really listens and has a very grounded presence & works intuitively which I really connect with.” Nicola


“Nigel is professional, experienced and knows how to connect with his clients. I had the best massage I’ve ever received with him, and as a massage therapist myself, I am very picky. I felt entirely confident and safe with him and I highly recommend him to first-timers as well as massage junkies like myself.” Lisa

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