Wendy Summers

Humanistic/Integrative Registered Clinical Psychotherapist & Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Wendy Summers - Psychotherapist
Wendy Summers 

About me

I am a skilled, experienced and compassionate Clinically Registered Psychotherapist (with United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy), Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (Registered with British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), Supervisor and qualified Occupational Therapist (COT). I have a special interest in Gestalt therapy, with over 30 years experience as a therapist, in a wide range of settings (National Health Service/Private Practice), including 17 years within the speciality of long- term pain management.


I have worked with hundreds of clients in supervised clinical practice.

  • My style is active and involved

  • I enjoy working in emotional depth 

  • I communicate with clients in a clear and direct way without jargon or theorising, in a spirit of authenticity and kindness

  • I greatly value warmth, creativity and imagination

  • I am passionate about my work and have a social conscience.


I endeavour to ‘live in good faith with myself’ (being true to myself) whilst enjoying supporting others to do the same. I have enjoyed a full and rich life myself and have encountered many significant challenges along the way! I have a wealth of life experience to draw upon.

'We must decide if we want to stay where we are or if we want to get to the other side of pain and live a full and purposeful life. That’s how you find the joy' (G Aldred).


I have found in order for us to progress psychologically we require, amongst other factors: good awareness of ourselves and others (needs, wishes, fears and life dreams), acceptance and respect. All of these are fundamental to forming and maintaining fulfilling relationships.


Types of client

Adults 1:1 and couples 


Couples Therapy

I provide therapeutic help to facilitate you and your partner to:

  • resolve unfinished conflicts in a healthy and respectful way,

  • fully express your unmet needs, dreams and desires to each other

  • gain deeper awareness around the fundamental dynamics within your relationship (potentially life changing).



Weekly Counselling & Psychotherapy - from £40 per 50 minute session.



Weekdays, evenings, Saturdays. I also offer therapy in Trowbridge and Bradford on Avon.


Further Information

I subscribe to the codes of ethics of BACP, UKCP and Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute.

Please contact me to arrange an initial brief (free) telephone conversation about your requirements. If I think I may be able to help you we can book an initial appointment. This initial session is an opportunity for me to begin to understand you and your situation and it gives you time to become acquainted with me, so you can consider if the way I work is right for you. 


To book an appointment with Wendy:

Please call 07790 621978

Contact me via email