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Luke Norland

Massage Therapist & Homeopath
Luke Norland BMus, MTI


Luke is currently a graduate-year Homeopath at a four-year diploma course and an experienced Massage Therapist. He grew up sharing his family home with the School of Homeopathy, ran by his father Misha and now brother Mani, so it is in the DNA so to speak.


Luke graduated from the Bristol College of Massage in January 2011 and Bristol School of Thai Massage in February 2012. He is dedicated to helping ease acute and chronic pain, contributing to a greater all round capacity to overcome painful episodes and longstanding problems. His treatments fuse Sports Injury Therapy, Acupressure and Remedial Massage techniques to both stimulate and relax the body. Your treatment plan will include appropriate advice on posture, stretching, self-massage and core-exercises.

Luke has a lot of experience working in various settings, from his time at The Relaxation Centre offering Holistic and Thai Massage, to his current position at C1 Chiropractic Health Centre, where the focus is predominantly on Sports Injury Therapy. He has worked extensively with Triathletes, Rugby players, Runners, Cyclists and Swimmers, as well as helping many people suffering from poor postural habits and sedentary work conditions back to greater mobility and freedom from pain.


Whilst completing supervised practice, Luke is accepting Homeopathy patients at a reduced rate. See his website for more details.


When you are healthy, you respond to stress without even being aware of it; only when painful symptoms arrive do you know there’s trouble afoot. You respond to health difficulties according to your own genetic structure; an amalgam of both inherited and life experience. That is why treatments are tailored to you, the unique individual.

The Homeopath observes your whole picture of health to see how illness has impacted on your life and what limitations it imposes, rather than focussing on the diagnosis itself. Your thoughts, feelings, metabolism, hormones, digestion, nerves, immunity and sleep pattern are all taken into account so that a complete portrait of you, yourself and your situation is obtained. Then Luke will carefully select the most appropriate remedy for you.


Luke’s first training was as a classical musician; playing the French Horn since the age of 10 and graduating from the Guildhall School of Music in 2005. Music has many parallels with the healing arts: most notably the sensitivity and awareness to ‘tune in’, the ability to learn and perfect techniques, recognise patterns and to maintain professional performance standards. His experience working as a Chef has given him an enthusiasm for understanding nutrition and the importance of digestion in maintaining health.

Feel free to call or e-mail today to discuss your treatment and how it could help you to feel better.


To book an appointment with Luke or for further information:

Call 07718 959705



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