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Dr Kirsty Nash

Chartered Clinical Psychologist & Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist
Dr Kirsty Nash - Clinical Psychologist
Dr Kirsty Nash BPS, HCPC registered, BABCP accredited

I have 10 years experience of working in the NHS, across a variety of settings. I have worked with individuals experiencing a range of different psychological, behavioural and emotional difficulties in the context of challenging life circumstances.


As a Clinical Psychologist, I am trained to a doctorate level in the use of a variety of therapeutic models. In addition to CBT, I incorporate elements of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical and Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and systemic theory into my practice.


Common difficulties I am able to support people with include:

  • Stress

  • General anxiety and worry

  • Low mood and depression

  • Low self-esteem and confidence

  • OCD

  • Social anxiety

  • Motivation

  • Panic


Psychological therapy is a form of talking therapy. One of the main aims of talking therapy is to support you to deepen your understanding of the psychological, emotional and behavioural distress you are experiencing, and to support you to make changes that will improve your quality of life. 


Therapy is a collaborative process that requires teamwork between a therapist and client. I will work with you and guide you to develop your understanding the factors that cause and maintain your difficulties. This usually involves mapping out a visual representation which captures the relationships between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 


Once you have developed a good understanding of these factors, I will support you to identify ways to change your experience, lessen your distress and improve your quality of life. Although change can feel daunting, I am able to offer my expertise to guide you through the process and support you to take control of your life.


I will help you identify your goals and support you to work towards the things that are important to you, both during our time together and beyond. 


I am a recognised, approved clinician and accept referrals via the following insurance companies: AXA, WPA, AVIVA, Cigna.


For more information about therapy with me, please visit where there is detailed information about the fees I charge. 


Please also feel free to contact me by emailing me at or by telephone: 07707 056655. I offer a free 15 minute consultation and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Please note that I do not offer a crisis or emergency service. If you or someone else's life is in danger please contact the emergency services by dialling 999 or your local crisis services. Please find details of your local services, including 24/7 crisis support via the hub of hope ( Your GP can also help you locate the most appropriate services to meet your needs.

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